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The Best Back-to-School Shopping

Hey Y’all

Like I promised, I am going to tell y’all about my favorite places for back to school shopping. Now making my back-to-school ranking was pretty hard, mainly because I was torn between my top two places. These stores have special back-to-school sales, that make spending your money a lot less painful. So without further ado, here are my top picks for your back-to-school shopping pleasure

  1. Ikea

    So this was a hard decision, but my love for Ikea outweighs all else. If you have never been to Ikea, it is an organized furniture store that has been given to us from heaven. I literally walked into Ikea, and fell in love with the overly organized maze, that is a furniture store. I recommend joining the Ikea Family which provides you with special discounts, and coupons, for members only. On top of that, you get free teas or coffee in the cafe. Ikea furniture is cheap, and affordable for college students on a budget. They also have 3rd party companies that will deliver, and build your furniture for you at a nominal fee. By far, the best quality furniture, at the cheapest price comes from Ikea.

  2. Bed Bath and Beyond

    Where do I start. I really love Bed Bath and Beyond, almost as much as Ikea. This is where you go to make your home away from home, feel less away. While some BBB stores do carry furniture, you will mainly find the furniture online. I recommend BBB, because it is a one stop shop for all things home. They also have this great thing called,”Pack and Hold” essentially you go into your nearby store, and scan everything you want/need. Then, you go to the closest BBB to your school, and it will all be put together in a box waiting for you. Also, BBB coupons never actually expire. Bonus!

  3. Best Buy

    I really like Best Buy, they are the go-to store for electronics. They have special deals for students, that can save you a couple hundred dollars on various electronics. Whether you need a Mac, Windows, flatscreen, or a new phone, Best Buy has you covered. You can go into any local store, and they will get you signed up for their student deals, so you can start saving immediately.

  4. Walmart

    So you may be wondering, why I included Walmart. Walmart has some of the cheapest school supplies on the market. Walmart sells everything, and they have a wide range of school supplies, in a million colors. If you splurged all your money at Best Buy, or bought the store at Ikea; Walmart will make you feel like you’ve saved some money. If you need school supplies, GO TO WALMART.


These are my favorite back-to-school stores to shop at it. Make sure to check out my tips on how to Move Like A Pro, before you go shopping. Happy Shopping.

-Legally Texan