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Staying Healthy in Law School

Hey Y’all

So lets talk about something serious and just as serious as that impending midterm. Its your health. Law school is filled with stress, long nights, caffeine filled bodies and walking zombies(aka people who never sleep). We barely have enough time in the day and end up neglecting our health in the process. It was only after making some changes to my own health that I realized how unhealthy I was last semester.

This semester I made the choice to start meal planning and to go to the gym four times a week. I allow myself a cheat day every week because being healthy isn’t about making you hate yourself but rather moderation. Let me tell you, I’ve started feeling my energy levels change. Eating healthy has helped me feel less tired during class and has given me more energy after class.

Whether you’re starting law school right after undergrad or took some years off; our bodies are all taking a hit from law school. We’re either not sleeping enough or sitting down all day, neither are good for us. We make it work because we want to be in law school but if we don’t start taking care of our bodies than we will not be able to perform to our full potential.

So this is my challenge to you. Try to make some small changes to your regular routine. It’s all about baby steps. Maybe go to sleep a little earlier or eat a couple more veggies. Take small steps that can improve your quality of life a whole lot. I’ll have more tips coming out on how to stay healthy in future content. Until then keep killin’ Law School.

-Legally Texan

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