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What To Wear For Law School

Hey Y’all,

Sorry for the huge absence. I’m in my 2nd week of law school, and had to figure out my studying schedule. I’m back to talk to y’all about what you should, and should not wear to school. I know for some this may seem pretty simple, but y’all would be surprised. Law school is a professional school, so rightfully, you should always strive to look presentable, because you never know who will walk around that corner. I know I’ve read from others about the 2-out-of-3 rule, and I completely agree with them. There are 3 things that factor into your appearance: hair, makeup, and outfit. Ideally if you are dressing down, then both your hair, and makeup should be on par. If it’s a no makeup day, then you should have your hair did, and a cute outfit. So lets get into it, what should you wear to law school?


  • Modest dresses, and blouses (Modest is hottest)
    • I never personally liked the phrase before, but it’s very true for life. How you represent yourself is how seriously you’ll be taken
  • Neutral colors
    • If you wear a hot pink shirt, then you should expect to stand out from the crowd.
  • Natural makeup
    • Don’t paint your face, it also takes a lot longer to get ready.
  • Jeans or nice pants
    • Jeans are a safe bet, you can also wear them again, and nobody will know
  • Skirts to you fingertips or longer.
    • Nobody, wants to see your booty in the hallway.

Should Not

  • Show cleavage
    • These are your future colleagues, put your best foot forward.
  • Wear shorts, especially jean shorts
    • This is really, because I’m in NY for school. I really don’t think it’s hot enough for shorts up here. Also, when would you ever wear jean shorts to meet a judge.
  • Wear so much makeup, that you scare people when you don’t wear any.
    • Really, just be subtle with your makeup, because too much makeup has been proven to make a person appear untrustworthy.
  • Ripped Jeans
    • This is a huge personal opinion. I just don’t think ripped jeans are appropriate, because Law School is a professional school.
  • Look like your ready for the club
    • Body suits, and skintight clothing, do not make you look professional. You shouldn’t be able to go immediately to the club from school.
  • Spaghetti Straps
    • Once again, going back to if you would meet a judge in spaghetti straps.

These are my personal opinions, so if you do any of these and disagree, then that is 100% okay. Also, depending on where you go to school, depends on what your wear to school. I tend to go between casual, to dressy casual. Anyways, I’ll be back with posts more frequently so stay tuned.

-Legally Texan

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