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1/6th of a Lawyer

Hey Y’all

Wow! Its been awhile since I wrote an article. I finished my first set of law school finals and let me tell you, I’m glad thats over with. After everything I somehow made it out alive. I learned so much my first semester and I continue to learn, not just in the classroom, but from my peers and professors.

So I have a whole new class load that consists of a 5 credit Contracts class; 4 credit Property class; 3 credit Con Law class and a 2 credit Legal Writing class. Having a 5 credit course is not easy but my 5 credit Civ Pro class helped me adapt to this semester(partly because I had an AMAZING professor).

Last semester was all about adjusting to life in New York. After all I was a Texas girl who had never lived in Yankee Land(joking… sorta). I’ve done some adjusting since last semester and even bought two winter jackets. It’s cold up here and I don’t think I will be tanning anytime soon. At least there’s snow though and hopefully I’ll be able to make a snowman soon.

I’m going to try to write a whole lot more content for y’all and I hope y’all will enjoy it. Also I’m happy to share that I’ve broken 100 followers on my Insta! If you’re not currently following than I highly encourage you too. I always get a smile when I see a new follower.

On one other note, I’ve taken up getting into shape and have watching my food. So I’m going to start posting about fitness and taking care of yourself as well. I hope nobody will mind. I’ve realized just how important it is to stay healthy because the stress of law school can/will make you sick.  Stay tuned for more!

-Legally Texan

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What To Wear For Law School

Hey Y’all,

Sorry for the huge absence. I’m in my 2nd week of law school, and had to figure out my studying schedule. I’m back to talk to y’all about what you should, and should not wear to school. I know for some this may seem pretty simple, but y’all would be surprised. Law school is a professional school, so rightfully, you should always strive to look presentable, because you never know who will walk around that corner. I know I’ve read from others about the 2-out-of-3 rule, and I completely agree with them. There are 3 things that factor into your appearance: hair, makeup, and outfit. Ideally if you are dressing down, then both your hair, and makeup should be on par. If it’s a no makeup day, then you should have your hair did, and a cute outfit. So lets get into it, what should you wear to law school?


  • Modest dresses, and blouses (Modest is hottest)
    • I never personally liked the phrase before, but it’s very true for life. How you represent yourself is how seriously you’ll be taken
  • Neutral colors
    • If you wear a hot pink shirt, then you should expect to stand out from the crowd.
  • Natural makeup
    • Don’t paint your face, it also takes a lot longer to get ready.
  • Jeans or nice pants
    • Jeans are a safe bet, you can also wear them again, and nobody will know
  • Skirts to you fingertips or longer.
    • Nobody, wants to see your booty in the hallway.

Should Not

  • Show cleavage
    • These are your future colleagues, put your best foot forward.
  • Wear shorts, especially jean shorts
    • This is really, because I’m in NY for school. I really don’t think it’s hot enough for shorts up here. Also, when would you ever wear jean shorts to meet a judge.
  • Wear so much makeup, that you scare people when you don’t wear any.
    • Really, just be subtle with your makeup, because too much makeup has been proven to make a person appear untrustworthy.
  • Ripped Jeans
    • This is a huge personal opinion. I just don’t think ripped jeans are appropriate, because Law School is a professional school.
  • Look like your ready for the club
    • Body suits, and skintight clothing, do not make you look professional. You shouldn’t be able to go immediately to the club from school.
  • Spaghetti Straps
    • Once again, going back to if you would meet a judge in spaghetti straps.

These are my personal opinions, so if you do any of these and disagree, then that is 100% okay. Also, depending on where you go to school, depends on what your wear to school. I tend to go between casual, to dressy casual. Anyways, I’ll be back with posts more frequently so stay tuned.

-Legally Texan

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I Moved

Hey Y’all,

I know I’ve been gone the past few weeks, but on the bright side. I did it! I made the long-haul journey from Texas, to New York. It was a long 24 hour drive, that I split into ONLY 2 days. Along the way, my co-pilot(mom) got food poisoning, and threw up in my car. No, she didn’t get anything on my car, but it was still a pretty gross predicament. If you think that’s bad, then you’ll love this next part. My furniture, that I ordered 3 weeks in advance… Got delayed. Let it be known, I was livid with the situation. Even through all this mishap, I am happy to annouce that I am offcially living in New York.

I would like to warn all y’all that are thinking of moving here, that people can’t drive here. I learned that first hand, after almost being hit 20 times. I will say this, not everybody is friendly, but not everyone is downright awful either. Coming from Texas, I’ve come to learn that our way of living is very different. Back home, you can step into an elevator, and learn that little Bobby plays football at some public Texas University. I wouldn’t expect that kind of friendliness here. I have met some really nice people up here though, like the lady in Staples, who gave me her phone number, and told me to call if I ever need anything. It’s different up here, I’m obviously not in the South anymore. I think people talk funny up here, but hey, they probably think I sound ridiculous. It balances out. All in all, this new different place will be my home for the next 4 years.

They say you never know what you have, until it’s gone. So let me tell y’all how much I realized, just how thankful I am to have been born, and raised in Texas.


-Legally Texan

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Go Greek

Hey Y’all,

So I have started exploring, and let me tell y’all; there are all types of food in New York. I really like Greek food, but in Texas, we don’t have to many places(or I don’t know where they are). I visited Go Greek, which is right near me in Garden City. I honestly forced my mom to go with me, because I was really craving it. Go Greek is a cute little place, with a modern feel. I liked the ambiance of the location, and chose to sit outside. The food is delivered to your table, so no worries on having to stand at a counter, and wait. This was an impromptu snack adventure, so we got 2 things, the Go Fries, and Spanakopita.

Go Fries

So I really liked these, they’re French fries drizzled in olive oil, with oregano and feta cheese. The olive oil is really light, and helped to bring the fries and feta together. I made sure to get the feta, and the fries in one bite, every time. Overall, there was a good flavor to the fries, and my favorite touch was the feta cheese.


Okay so by far this is my favorite dish. I really love Spanakopita in general, because it’s so healthy, yet filling. For $6 I got 2 pieces of Spanakopita, and let me tell y’all, I loved it. Usually when the price is low, you underestimate the food, but it was everything my tastebuds wanted. Light, flaky, and delicious, are all words that perfectly describe this menu choice.


So if you get a chance stop by Go Greek. Their menu and address are linked into this article. I will never recommend a place, that I would not choose to visit again. So I hope y’all stop by, and feel free to let me know what you think.

-Legally Texan

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The Best Back-to-School Shopping

Hey Y’all

Like I promised, I am going to tell y’all about my favorite places for back to school shopping. Now making my back-to-school ranking was pretty hard, mainly because I was torn between my top two places. These stores have special back-to-school sales, that make spending your money a lot less painful. So without further ado, here are my top picks for your back-to-school shopping pleasure

  1. Ikea

    So this was a hard decision, but my love for Ikea outweighs all else. If you have never been to Ikea, it is an organized furniture store that has been given to us from heaven. I literally walked into Ikea, and fell in love with the overly organized maze, that is a furniture store. I recommend joining the Ikea Family which provides you with special discounts, and coupons, for members only. On top of that, you get free teas or coffee in the cafe. Ikea furniture is cheap, and affordable for college students on a budget. They also have 3rd party companies that will deliver, and build your furniture for you at a nominal fee. By far, the best quality furniture, at the cheapest price comes from Ikea.

  2. Bed Bath and Beyond

    Where do I start. I really love Bed Bath and Beyond, almost as much as Ikea. This is where you go to make your home away from home, feel less away. While some BBB stores do carry furniture, you will mainly find the furniture online. I recommend BBB, because it is a one stop shop for all things home. They also have this great thing called,”Pack and Hold” essentially you go into your nearby store, and scan everything you want/need. Then, you go to the closest BBB to your school, and it will all be put together in a box waiting for you. Also, BBB coupons never actually expire. Bonus!

  3. Best Buy

    I really like Best Buy, they are the go-to store for electronics. They have special deals for students, that can save you a couple hundred dollars on various electronics. Whether you need a Mac, Windows, flatscreen, or a new phone, Best Buy has you covered. You can go into any local store, and they will get you signed up for their student deals, so you can start saving immediately.

  4. Walmart

    So you may be wondering, why I included Walmart. Walmart has some of the cheapest school supplies on the market. Walmart sells everything, and they have a wide range of school supplies, in a million colors. If you splurged all your money at Best Buy, or bought the store at Ikea; Walmart will make you feel like you’ve saved some money. If you need school supplies, GO TO WALMART.


These are my favorite back-to-school stores to shop at it. Make sure to check out my tips on how to Move Like A Pro, before you go shopping. Happy Shopping.

-Legally Texan

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Move Like A Pro

Hey Y’all,

So if you’re like me, then you are starting to pack for your big move to law school. Whether you’re moving 4 hours, or 14 hours away, moving is stressful. With any move, you have to ask yourself, how am I going to get my stuff from point A to point B. So here are some tips on how to, ‘Move Like A Pro.”

  • Know how you’re getting there

Are you taking your car? Are you renting a uhaul? These are important questions to figure out before you start packing. Knowing how you will get to your new home, will help prevent you from overpacking. Also, who will be helping you move? If you are moving by yourself, I suggest packing in smaller boxes to make it easier to carry. If you have help from parents, or friends, then you are in luck. Take advantage of all the help you can get.

  • Know your space

Know the size of your space. If you are buying furniture, then make sure it will fit in your new room. I reccommend a desk in every law students room, to help keep all your papers, and books organized. That being said, you need to make sure you can fit your bed, dresser, and desk in your new space. Also, if at all possible, find out how many electrical outlets you will have. Investing in surge protectors could make your 2 outlet room, into a 10 outlet room.

  • Don’t need it. Don’t bring it.

I have collected a lot of stuff through my undergrad years, and I’m not taking it with me. Pack what is necessary, and what you will actually use. If you haven’t used that gift you got from some relative two Christmas’ ago, then don’t bring it. Do not pack what you will not use, or have not touched in the last six months. I know it is hard to leave some memorabilia behind, but only take what you cannot live without.

These are my 3 rules to moving like a pro. I’ll talk about the best places to shop if your moving, in my next article. So stay tuned.

-Legally Texan

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5 Must Do’s Before August

Hey Y’all,

So with the approaching academic year less than 2 months away, here are some things you need to get done in July. Making sure all of these are done will help make the transition into law school easier, and less stressful.

  • Financial Aid

By far the most important thing. Log into your law school’s portal, and check your financial aid. I cannot stress this enough, if you are taking loans(most of us do) you need to fill out paperwork. It will usually take a couple of days for your papers to get to the law school, so you should check your portal a few days later. If your portal shows unsatisfied requirements, CALL FINANCIAL AID. If you do your financial aid paperwork on time, then your aid should arrive before the start of school.

  • Final Transcript

This is a must for all law schools. My law school has an August deadline for submission, that being said I had my final undergraduate transcript sent in June. Depending on where you completed your undergrad, the processing time could take a while. Make sure that the institution mails your transcript, and that you get confirmation it was sent. The last thing you want is to find out is that your transcript never made it into the mail.

  • All Required Forms

So this can be a variety of things. I had to fill out an employment stipulation form, and a registration form. The deadlines will vary for each school, some in June, and some in July. My suggestion is to get them done NOW, if you have not already.

  • Medical Records

So I really had no clue that these forms were required. Depending on what state you go to law school in, you may or may not have these. My due date for these forms is in August, right before the start of school. Since, I don’t have a doctor in New York, I am getting my “physical” or whatever you’d like to call it done in Texas. I’d recommend tracking down your vaccination records, because you might need them. All these papers are basically to ensure you don’t spread a deadly disease to your future fellow law students.

  • Housing

I’m really questioning why I listed this one, because I feel like you if you did not do this already you might be homeless when you get to school. For everyone that has signed a lease, get the rest of your paperwork in. You do not want to lose your spot in a house, or for an apartment. If you have not found a place to live yet, I suggest you pick asap. If you were just taken off the waitlist, I recommend looking at your school’s facebook page, because there you will find people still looking for roommates.


1L, Pre-1L

T-Minus 30 Days

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to my inaugural blog post. I thought it best to start my blogging exactly one month, before I move out of the greatest country state in the world— Texas. I hope that my adventures throughout law school will help others on their journey. So for y’all that haven’t looked around yet, I am moving all the way to Hempstead, New York(Long Island). I’ll be attending Hofstra Law, and am planning on pursing the J.D./MBA program. I know you must be asking why a Texas girl, would willingly move half-way across the country to live with Yankees. The answer is simple, law school is expensive and scholarship offers should be a large factor in your decision.

Anyways, I am moving on August 2nd, and am sadly counting down the days. I am whole-heartedly excited for law school, in fact I might be over-confident, about what’s in store for me. However, my overly independent self, will miss the place I’ve called home for 22 years. There really is nothing like the clear blue skies, or the burnt orange sunsets of the Hill Country. Home is where the heart is, and while I will be moving half-way across the country, my heart will always be in Texas. I’m honestly more worried about adjusting to the culture, rather than law school. We tend to enjoy the simple things in the South, and are always down to waste a few hours of our day floating the river. Also, as most of y’all know we have one season in Texas… Summer. I have never had to buy a jacket for this season called winter, because a long sleeve shirt will suffice. So there’s a high probability I will freeze this winter. I will keep you updated on how many toes get frostbite as well.

These are my thoughts 30 days, until my move. As you can see I’m way more worried about the weather, and culture. That is until I actually move, and then I’ll start stressing about school. With this I bid farewell. Expect some advice on how to prepare for your 1L year, featuring what I’m actually doing to prepare.

– Legally Texan

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Staying Healthy in Law School

Hey Y’all

So lets talk about something serious and just as serious as that impending midterm. Its your health. Law school is filled with stress, long nights, caffeine filled bodies and walking zombies(aka people who never sleep). We barely have enough time in the day and end up neglecting our health in the process. It was only after making some changes to my own health that I realized how unhealthy I was last semester.

This semester I made the choice to start meal planning and to go to the gym four times a week. I allow myself a cheat day every week because being healthy isn’t about making you hate yourself but rather moderation. Let me tell you, I’ve started feeling my energy levels change. Eating healthy has helped me feel less tired during class and has given me more energy after class.

Whether you’re starting law school right after undergrad or took some years off; our bodies are all taking a hit from law school. We’re either not sleeping enough or sitting down all day, neither are good for us. We make it work because we want to be in law school but if we don’t start taking care of our bodies than we will not be able to perform to our full potential.

So this is my challenge to you. Try to make some small changes to your regular routine. It’s all about baby steps. Maybe go to sleep a little earlier or eat a couple more veggies. Take small steps that can improve your quality of life a whole lot. I’ll have more tips coming out on how to stay healthy in future content. Until then keep killin’ Law School.

-Legally Texan